Saturday, June 03, 2017


Here in the countryside there really is not that much public entertainment. When I ask people what they do to entertain themselves, they say that they go out to the Mexican restaurant in town or that sometimes they go see a movie in Tuscaloosa – which is a 45 minute drive. But most people stay at home, have parties in their backyards, and watch movies and television series on their huge flat screen TVs – thanks to Netflix and other online movie providers.

However, many people think it would be nice to have live music once in a while.

Therefore I was very excited to attend the jam session at the local bookstore As Time Goes By in Marion, a neighboring town about 20 miles east of Greensboro. I was invited by Jane, an artist based in Tuscaloosa and Chip, an organic farmer I visited last weekend. The two of them performed with two other guitar players and later a singer stepped in attended by a small, but enthusiastic audience.

They played very different kinds of music: Irish folk songs (Jane is from Ireland), country, rock, and songs written by themselves.

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