Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mobile II

Being located at the mouth of the Mobile River Mobile has a large port which can be seen from downtown. It is Alabama's only saltwater port. Comparable to other US cities the access to the waterside is impaired by a huge street that has to be crossed. There is a little park on the water, though, where it is possible to smell the sea as well as the diesel fumes from the big vessels.

Apart from the very small downtown section that holds some shops and many bars and restaurants I encountered many buildings for sale or boarded up.


One building that stood out is the Grand Lodge of Alabama. I have encountered quite a few buildings hosting freemason's societies throughout the south, but I have never come across one this spectacular.

Also, for my taste there was just too much space for parking thus sprawling the downtown section in a way that is a very familiar sight in many US cities.

On a Friday afternoon the city was very quiet, however, it seems that there are not only block parties to be celebrated, but also some problems with cruising and noise.

the sign reads: nose ordinance enforced

And I still have to find out about the "Cheerful Credit".

I hope this makes you enjoy your furniture more and not sit on it and cry because of high interest rates...

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