Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Agriculture II: Grass-fed Cattle

The Alabama Black Belt as well as Hale County seem to be different from other areas in Alabama as driving through one encounters a lot of open land: either catfish ponds or vast stretches of grass where cattle feeds. The other areas of Alabama are mostly covered with forests, namely pine trees, that are one of the major commodities produced in Alabama.

Cattle is usually outdoors feeding on fresh grass. Some farmers also make hay and additionally feed that during the cold season. However, as Alabama has a very mild climate the cattle stays outside year round. As cattle is raised for meat production calves remain with their mothers.

Visiting a small farm I was able to get very close to the cattle. We were in the fields with a small dog which attracted a lot of attention from the young ones who seem to be very curious about creatures smaller than themselves.

When some additional feed was brought out, it seemed as if the poor animals had not fed during the entire day despite standing in the middle of abundant pasture.

Maybe it is my agricultural ancestry that gets me excited over these beautiful creatures…

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