Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wildlife I

Snowy Egrets

There are quite a few animals that I keep seeing in the area, of course many birds but also bugs. As it is difficult to photograph the birds, I cannot show any great photographs of them. I tried to photograph the Black Vulture, a large black bird that feeds on roadkill, but without a telephoto lens I so far had no chance to catch one. I love the bright red Northern Cardinal and the Blue Grosbeak and I keep seeing Great Egrets at the catfish ponds, but so far I haven't caught one. I will update this post if I do.

In the picture above the white birds should be Snowy Egrets. I photographed them in the Louisiana wetlands, but I'm sure I have seen them also in the catfish ponds.

Southeastern Lubber Grasshopper

There are quite a few bugs around, the grasshopper was a big guy, maybe around 5 cm long (2 inches). And I have seen quite a few of them.

Spotted Camel Cricket

I encountered this cricket in Perry Lakes Park. The bathroom has no roof, therefore it is no surprise that crickets may find it interesing to explore.

Margined Leatherwing Soldier Beetle

Midland Smooth Softshell Turtle

I don't know where the turtle came from, but I found it in the grass beside the sidewalk on Main Street in Greensboro. Later that day the lawn was mowed, I hope the turtle found its pond before that happened.

I am not sure if my classification of the photographed species is right. Please leave comments if I am wrong.

ADDENDUM: Looking through my pictures I found one of a great Egret – again, sorry for not having a telephoto lens. I photographed this one from the ferry in Gee's Bend crossing the Alabama River.

Great Egret

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