Friday, July 07, 2017

4th of July

The 4th of July celebration in Greensboro took place mostly in private. The city decorated Main Street with flags, but there was no parade, and no official fireworks. People had their own family reunions or barbecues and set off their own fireworks whenever they felt like. The staple dish here in Greensboro is Boston butt, which is cooked/smoked for many hours. Being a vegetarian I missed out on this one.

The neighboring town of Sawyerville held its annual 4th of July parade on Saturday July 1. People gathered around some floats. There was a marching band with drums and a dance troupe, both were shuttled in from Atlanta, Georgia. The Greensboro school system obviously has no marching band that was able to participate. There were some throws, too, so the kids in the neighborhood had fun.

The parade moved along a county road and then turned to end in a park that was donated by the family that organizes the parade. Awards were presented to people who were actively involved in the community or the parade and eventually there was food.

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