Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Wildlife II

Unfortunately it is much harder to catch the beautiful animals than insects that I encounter, but I do have a nice assortment of newly photographed creatures to offer. Yesterday I also photographed a hummingbird that was at a feeder of a house I visited.

Finally I was able to catch – not only one of these beetles in a glass – but also on camera. It may be a Hardwood Borer Beetle, but I am not sure. They can be very big (this is not the biggest one I saw) and they can also fly. Mostly they run and I try to teach them, that it is not nice to be indoors. I hope, they tell the story to their friends. This one is walking the streets of Selma.

I encountered this Eastern-Eyed Click Beetle on my second visit to Perry Lakes Park. It is sitting on a shady bench – after the river left a muddy mess and completely buried the bank's legs with fresh sand.

Also in Perry Lakes Park, but n many other spots as well the Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth seems to be qutie active. They spin large tents around trees' branches and leaves which look amazing. I read that the y are not killing the entire tree but that they may defoliate and kill some branches.

And there is another bird I am having fun with at my house. Of course, you can only barely see the bird in the picture that is nesting in the lamp of my side porch. They tried to buld a nest in the lamp of my backporch, but as I always have the door open when home, I suspect I disturbed them by walking around indoors and on the porch.

So they decided to use the front porch lamp. One of them is always sitting in there, but as soon as I come closer, they fly off. They may be Pine Siskins, but I am not sure. The other day I felt bad because I needed to leave the light on, otherwise it will be hard to open the door when it's dark.

ADDENDUM: Today I had my first encounter with a rattlesnake. It was spread out across the path. I was scared and glad to be with someone who knows what to do.

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