Friday, July 07, 2017

The Greensboro Watchman

The Greensboro Watchman is the local newspaper that is published weekly since 1876. Today it reports news from the community, presents people and places and gives room to obituaries.

The paper is printed on an old reel-fed offset printing machine situated directly behind the office.

In the back room of the office one can find yearly volumes with all the issues back to the newspaper's beginnings. Unfortunately these are kept in an non-archival environment.

I had the chance to look into the book of the year 1936 because I was curious if anything was reported on the presence of Walker Evans and James Agee in Hale County. By just leafing through quickly I didn't find anything. But maybe they were mentioned in the people's section. It would need a more thorough research to find that out.

In the 1930s, however, The Greensboro Watchman not only reported local news but also national and international events, even though especially the ongoing drought in Hale County was a big issue.

I am not sure if I had made it to the front page back in the days.

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