Sunday, July 02, 2017

Rural Studio II

In downtown Newbern it is impossible to to notice the presence of the Rural Studio. Not only is the old warehouse used as a classroom building, but the Rural Studio also built a townhall, a fire station, and created a public library out of the old bank building – that looked like a bank out of a Bonnie and Clyde movie when I saw it for the first time four years ago.

The library  is a nice building that has some nice corners with cushions for secluded reading. But it also provides a visual connection to the famous green barn in its immediate vicinity. And it kept the old door of the vault.

The firehouse is home to Newberns voluntary fire department. It is situated across the street from the warehouse and adjacent to the Newbern Townhall.

A little behind the classroom building one can find a small memorial chapel in the garden: Subrosa Pantheon. It was originally conceived by Samual Mockbee as a memorial to mourning friends. However, he was not able to build it in his lifetime. I was eventually built by his daughter, who had no architecture training or building experience. However, she finished the task and it became a memorial to her deceased father.

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